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High-Performance RNA Isolation Using the Maxwell™ 16 Total RNA Purification Kit


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The Maxwell™ 16 integrated system combines compact instrumentation, optimized automated methods, prefilled reagent cartridges, service and support to save time, enhance productivity and improve the consistency of results. We have developed the Maxwell™ 16 Total RNA Purification Kit to provide highly pure total RNA from a variety of sample sources including mammalian tissue, eukaryotic tissue culture cells, white blood cells, plant leaf material, or RNA-cleanup applications. The Maxwell™ 16 Instrument will process up to 16 samples in about 30 minutes of hands-free instrument operation. Purified RNA is ready for immediate downstream analysis without the need for precipitation, DNase treatment, or other post-purification manipulation. In this article we demonstrate the use of the Maxwell™ 16 integrated system for total RNA purification.

Promega Notes 94, 3–6.

Dan Kephart, Terri Grunst, Steve Krueger, Katharine Hoffmann and Hemanth Shenoi

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2006

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