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  • 4-CORE® Buffer Pack (Catalog)
  • 4-CORE® Buffer Pack. The 4-CORE® Buffer Pack contains convenient aliquots of Promega Restriction Enzyme 10X Buffers ...
  • Acrylamide—SERVA (Catalog)
  • Acrylamide—SERVA. Acrylamide, 2X, Research Grade: acrylic acid (titr.) max. 0.03%, standard quality, applicable to general ...
  • Agarose---SERVA (Catalog)
  • Agarose—SERVA. Agarose pressed into tablets of 0.5g each. There is no need to weigh the agarose. Just simply disperse ...
  • Coelenterazines (Catalog)
  • Coelenterazines. Don't see what you are looking for? Click here for custom options. Luciferases from Renilla, Aequorea ...
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