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CytoTox-Glo™ Cytotoxicity Assay

Most Sensitive Assay Available

The most sensitive assay available to quantify cytotoxicity due to loss of membrane integrity.

  • Measure "dead-cell" protease biomarker leaked from cytoplasm into medium.
  • Loss of membrane integrity is a key indicator of cytotoxicity to determine the mechanism of cell death (necrosis).


Highly Sensitive

  • Detects as few as 200–500 cytotoxic cells in a total population of 10,000 cells.
  • Detects less than 10 cytotoxic cells in a limiting dilution series.
  • Scaleable to 384- and 1536- well plate formats.


The CytoTox-Glo™ Assay detects small changes in viability because of its high sensitivity. This graph shows the superior signal-to-noise ratios of the CytoTox-Glo™ Assay compared to a fluorescent LDH assay.

Proven Luminescent Technology

CytoTox-Glo™ Assay Chemistry

  • Powered by Ultra-Glo™ Recombinant Luciferase.
  • The amount of light generated correlates with the number of dead cells in a cell population.
  • Eliminate fluorescent interference by compounds with a stable luminescence readout.


Fast and Easy to Use

  • Homogeneous add-mix-measure protocol.
  • Measure cytotoxicity and total cell number in the same well.


More Reliable Data


Determining cytotoxicity and viability by lysis. The luminescent signal collected after lysis was adjusted to reflect the "live cell" contribution by subtracting the initial dead cell signal. The data above are plotted as "dead cell" or "live cell" signal versus the concentration of calcium ionophore.

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