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GenePrint® Sex Identification System

The GenePrint® Sex Identification System can be used for sex determination. When used under reaction conditions recommended in the Technical Manual (#TMD006), a specific segment of the human X chromosome generates a 212bp product, while the corresponding human Y-chromosomal DNA segment produces a 218bp fragment. The Amelogenin locus may be co-amplified and co-analyzed with a compatible multiplex system by mixing the Amelogenin primers with those of the appropriate multiplex system prior to use.

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Amelogenin (Fluorescein Detection)

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Amelogenin (Fluorescein Detection)


  • K562 DNA High Molecular Weight

    DD208A1 x 3μg
  • Amelogenin Ladder (Fluorescein)

    DG621B1 x 125μl
  • Amelogenin 10X Primer Pair (Fluorescein)

    DK629B1 x 250μl
  • STR 10X Buffer

    DM221A1 x 1.2ml
  • STR 2X Loading Solution

    DV433A1 x 1ml
100 reactions
- DC5171 Please Enquire

Storage Conditions

Store at –20°C. The fluorescent primer pair and ladder are light-sensitive; therefore, minimize light exposure.

For product intended use please see Patents & Disclaimers tab.

Use Restrictions

DC5171 Not For Medical Diagnostic Use.

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